Elles demeurerent au pouvoir de sa veuve Artemise et de son frere Idrieus et ne recouvrerent leur autonomie que vers 1’avenement de Pixodare, v. In some cases, two stamps, of the same devices and inscriptions, are found intersecting, or traversing, or meeting each other, upon a single coin ; in others, the impression is regular and in its proper position on the one side, but imperfect and out of position on the other ; in others, there are irregular projections of blank metal beyond the proper margin, with sometimes part only of the device which ought to have been stamped on that side. Most of these contained notices of hitherto unpublished coins in his own collection, and deservedly attracted the attention of numismatists. It is to be hoped that when a new edition of Buding’s « Annals of the English Coinage  » is called for, that work may meet with as comprehensive treatment, and be provided with as full an array of the records of the English mints as those bestowed on the sister country by Mr. In he served with the Imperial army in Italy, but from that time forward he was attached to the diplomatic service. In tfl e exergue P.

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The following medal was struck on the occasion of the marriage,  » et magna vi nummorum per populum sparsa. Kenyon’s edition the original pages of letterpress have expanded intowhile 95 new coins have been added to the which had been already engraved in the plates. Coins of Pomerania and Mecklenburg. The collection was accord- ingly advertised for sale and dispersed by public auction in November,by Messrs. Many Pagan statues were removed to Constantinople for public exposure Euseb. The Eevue Beige de Numisrnatique, On the death of the late Sir Thomas Henry, Mr.

Head radiated, to right ; bust with cuirass, also unclothed. It will be seen from the tabulated summary above given, that, of the whole number of coins in the Black- moor hoard, more than fourteen-fifteenths belong to the period between A.


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Bactrian Coins and Indian Dates. Cochran-Patrick has commenced in the pages of the Chronicle a series of  » Notes towards a Metallic History of Scotland, » which promises to convey a large amount of additional information to what we already possess as to the various medals struck in that part of the United Kingdom.

The title may again be found on a small brass coin with the legend P. Licinius now associated Martinianus, his magister offici- orum, as Augustus, 95 and again met the forces of Constan- tine at Chrysopolis, where he was utterly defeated and obliged to sue for pardon.

II faut observer a ce sujet qu’il mtt des bronzes de petit module a types pareils, tandis qu’on ne rencontre pas de bronze parmi les monnaies grecques des rois de Carie. Above the heads a crown.

Societe des Antiquaires de la Morinie. Besides, how is the legend to be interpreted on the coins of Licinius I. Coins of Pomerania and Mecklenburg.

Feuardent says 63 that the legend MAX. The Boman general, having invaded Colchis, made Olthakes prisoner and sent him to Borne.

He was born in Downing Street in the yearand was educated at St. In the same year the Rev. It is anterior tocoins of both the Licinii being common to it, whilst those of Constantius II. J Farthing Similar to the current types of and Struck for Malta, by the authority of the Home Government, to the number ofpieces.

have i told you lately matt acheson

The queen’s bust to the left, with necklace on the bosom as onthe gold ryals of Maximusmight have been issued inin which year the Senate granted him that title, whilst the coins of Constantine I. Head radiated, to left ; bust with paludament. Prima Roma or Tarraco S. Now that I have completed my « Supplement to the History of Jewish Coinage, » 2 I have been able to look over my notes, and I propose in the following pages to give to the readers of the Numismatic Chronicle the results of my examination of this question.


In the exergue S.

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Cabinets, common Artist, unknown. Ma collection, du Catal. The medal exists in the Cab.

have i told you lately matt acheson

The publication of two such works during the past year is at all events a sign that an intelligent appreciation of the value of numismatic studies still survives in this country, and augurs well for the future of this Society. Cavedoni,  » Ricerche, » p. A Guide to the Royal Architectural Museum.

have i told you lately matt acheson

It has occurred to me that these may have been waste pieces, which may have been issued at different times from various mints to the local money-offices, which in Britain, under the Roman and provincial emperors, served the purpose of banks of issue.

To what an extent this has been carried is evident from the fact that in Mr. Jean Baptiste  » p. The army, however, in Africa, rejected Maxentius and proclaimed Alexander, 29 who was soon after subdued and put to death ; not, however, before Carthage had suffered severely from fire and sword.

The silver ryal was in the Sutherland Cabinet, but has been lost.

Within a beaded circle between outer and inner lines, the following legend: Lenormant endeavours to combine into a single series the coins of the ancient Lydian kingdom, from the reign of Latepy to that of Croesus.